Rossi Studios, Ltd.

Presenting The Limited Edition Plate Series
Bonita L. Rossi

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Rossi Studios, LTD.  I am the artist, as well as the creator of Rossi Studios.  We are dedicated to offering you the highest in quality, elegance, and originality in this series of limited edition plates.  Each plate is truly a "one of a kind" product.

My travels to Egypt in 1985 inspired this series.  I always have had an intense interest in ancient history and the sites and attractions of Egypt captivated and inspired me.  Standing in front the great sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza, sailing the Nile, and visiting the Valley of the Kings was a great experience and a dream of a lifetime.  Eight original oil paintings, inspired by statues, busts, limestone reliefs, and wall paintings found in ancient Egypt, were the basis for these plates.

All art has been expressed in rich colors and burnished gold common to the time period.  The finest products and manufacturers have been personally selected by me to insure that the plates are of the highest quality.

Every plate is personally inspected before shipping and a certificate of authenticity is enclosed.  The plates are 10", made of fine porcelain, and are packaged in a high quality black lacquer box with gold lettering.  Inside the box, the plate is set in faux black brushed suede.

On April 17th, 2004, the first two plates of the series of eight are being introduced.  The depict Chephren and Nefertitti.  A limited first edition of 5,000 per plate design is planned.
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