Rossi Studios, Ltd.

Nefertiti Exclusive Original Works of Art

"Queen Nefertiti"
Artist Bonita L. Rossi
"2000 Years of Ancient Egypt"
Copyright 2000 Bonita L. Rossi
Oil painting inspired from a painted limestone bust found in Tel El-Armana.  "Fair of face...Mistress of happiness".  Nefertiti was exalted by her husband, Amenohpis IV - Akenaten.  The legend of her beauty is timeless.
18th Dynasty
1550-1295 BC/New Kingdom
10.25" Porcelain Plate
Burnished Gold & Color 
Retail $220.00 per plate

All outer borders on the plate are hand rimmed in burnished gold.  Please note: The intricate borders on each plate are part of the painting, and may be irregular at times.  The borders have been created by hand, and are not machine made.
Plates sold as a pair.

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